Waikato Means Business is all about enhancing the performance of our economy.

By definition, the economy is a complex process with influences at local, regional, national and international scales and the relationship between cause and effect is difficult to determine. In addition, at least in our democracy, the economy is not fully controlled by any single group, public or private. While the public sector has an important regulatory and policy role, effective progress in the economy requires a range of interventions (or tools) to be deployed.

The Waikato Means Business Steering Group has no direct regulatory powers, and so it must use a wide range of tools to achieve its goals. These are summarised below.

Icon - monitoring Monitoring and reviewing regional economic data and performance.
Icon - conversation Leading the conversation and debate on key regional economic development issues and opportunities. We do this through research and investigation projects which aim to better understand the way the regional economy works, and what actions are required.
Icon - advocate Acting as an advocate and supporter for key regional issues and initiatives, including where appropriate acting as a supporter for key projects seeking resources from other agencies.
Icon - collaborate Collaborating and coordinating with other key actors to make progress in key strategic areas.
Icon - co-funding Co-funding strategic projects which will advance the objectives of Waikato Means Business.