Key documents

The Waikato region’s economic performance has been solid in recent years and on most measures we perform close to the New Zealand average.

However, when we consider our advantageous location, the quality of our businesses, people and our natural assets, we have the opportunity to improve greatly on this performance. Our residents and our businesses deserve better. We should lead the way, not follow other regions.

Looking 20 years out it is apparent that we are facing natural resource and labour supply constraints. These will challenge our ability to maintain current levels of performance, and to grow. We need to add more value to our primary resources and improve labour productivity.

For the region to realise its potential, collaborative and focused effort is required from businesses, education and research organisations, iwi, local and government agencies and the community.

The Waikato Means Business economic development strategy - released in February 2014 - sets out the issues, challenges and opportunities that face the Waikato region. We identify strategic priorities and areas of focus to transform the region. This strategy will guide regional economic development policy, investment and activities.

 More information: Read the high level discussion paper and background documents.