Strategy implementation plans

Implementation plans are being developed which set out how the goals and priorities in the economic development strategy are to be achieved and monitored.

Waikato Regional Council has approved funding of $350,000 a year for the next 10 years for the implementation of Waikato Means Business. Private sector funding is also supporting implementation plan work.

Implementation Plan – 2015/16

The implementation plan work is being funded by existing private and public sector commitments. The focus has been on supporting existing priorities and identifying some new ones.

Year 1 of the Waikato Means Business implementation plan identifies the following projects for priority.
• Waikato Expressway
• Ruakura Hub
Waikato Plan(external link)
• Regional Growth Study
• Business Friendly Assessment
• Regional Labour Market Strategy
• Waikato Story

Waikato Means Business: Waikato Economic Development Strategy Implementation Plan 2015/16 [PDF, 737 KB] 

Implementation Plan – 2016/17

The 2016/17 implementation plan was approved by the Steering Group in June 2016. It identifies the actions that would contribute the most to Waikato Means Business and its priorities and goals for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

The plan sets out seven priority projects which Waikato Means Business will lead and co-fund. These projects are:

  • Modelling the economic costs and benefits of different land use scenarios in the Cambridge-Auckland growth corridor
  • Understanding the Waikato innovation ecosystem 
  • Waikato regional labour market strategy (mapping future workforce needs) 
  • Secondary Schools Employer Partnership (Stage 2)
  • The Waikato Story (implementation programme)
  • Towards greater regional economic development capacity
  • Implementing the Waikato Māori Economic Development Agenda and Action Plan

Waikato Means Business: Waikato Economic Development Strategy Implementation Plan 2016/17 [PDF, 788 KB] 

The implementation plan has also provided an initial allocation of the $250,000 available to Waikato Means Business aligned with the above priorities. The exact funding for each project will be determined once project scoping and procurement (where relevant) is complete and discussions have been had with potential funding partners.

All priority projects are expected to include a significant element of co-funding from key partners and stakeholders, and discussions are underway about this as part of the scoping process for each project.